41 drawings, pencil on paper
The work is a series of drawings made after frames from the Time Machine movie, produced in 1960, and based on the eponymous book by H.G. Wells from 1895. The term of “time machine”, created by Wells is used now largely to name such a vehicle as he presented.
The story describes his journey into the far future, in the year 802701, where he discovers a community living in a big garden, the Eloy who are pacifists yet illiterate, speaking a broken English and uninterested in the technologies of the past.
I see Wells’s voyage as a prophetic one, where he witnessed in his imagination the change of the world, the loss of knowledge and the disappearance or turning into dust of the instruments through which knowledge is transmitted. I see it as a comment on our own current society, in which we have a lot of technology and we use it merely for entertainment.