Edition, 2018 –
Using a punching technique, I impress on white paper all the star dates from the Star Trek TV series. The convention of time is treated with seriousness in the film, where each star date is not only created in logical sequence with the rest, but can also be calculated to correspond with our own time. In my work, I try to relate to time in the spirit of artist On Kawara, freezing a particular date (in his case, the Dates series representing individual days of his life, in my case, a fictional date in a far future) and alluding to the abstraction of time by our ability to count it ad infinitum (as in Kawara’s One Million Years, and in my case the projection on a time we cannot yet envisage). Time cannot be seen but its traces can be felt, they can be touched, as if they belong to an alphabet addressing other senses. Over time, the paper and the dates imprinted on it turn yellowish, showing the process of time passing. Thus, it is time itself that goes closer to, or further from, the mathematical signs to which we try to reduce it.
The work is part of a larger series inspired by Star Trek.