Ice rockets, ink on paper, video, photographs, 2021
The work “Cold War” departs from the tension and the attempt of the two grand military powers, the United States and the Soviet Union, to maintain a balance in their mutual nuclear threat. Their actions for 44 years in this game, often on the verge of total annihilation have appeared alike to the moves on a chess table. I made 44 ice rockets, 22 blue and 22 red, representing the two big powers, each with their allies. The work is accompanied by a film and photographs, documenting the process through which the rockets melt and fall, on the one hand a reference to the fact that the war was not at all a “cold” one, each of the two colossi having generated or implicated themselves in dramatic military conflicts, from Vietnam to Afghanistan, and on the other hand a reference to the chess game where the pieces are falling one after the other. In the end, what is left is only an abstract form, which however left deep marks globally, even if it hasn’t been a direct conflict between the two super powers, at least not until today.