Digital drawings, 2014 – ongoing
The history we are being taught is mainly that of military battles, of strategies and treaties, drawing and redrawing the borders of the worlds in which we live. From maps to surveillance techniques, from heavy guns to sophisticated negotiations, wars are getting highly technological and spreading, haunting our everyday news and resurrecting fears that should have been long buried. Instead of developing grounds for peace, modernity bought catastrophy and destruction to levels never imagined.
“Another View”, consists in a series of digital drawings extracting the lines of the maps of military strategy, for different battles throughout history and detaching them from their background – which is both a historic and a geographic background, thus rendering them abstract. As if all the bloodsheds they generate could be erased, what remains is only a dance of lines, a series a configurations which can be interpreted in infinite ways and can be compared on a formal level. Each title points to the original meaning of the drawings, putting them back into context and revealing the thin line from which war is aestheticized and contemplated rather than dismissed as a barbaric practice of the past