• 330 000

    ink on paper, 2017 - 2018



    The work starts from the number of Romanian soldiers dead in the First World War. Usually when one talks of war victims, they are mostly mentioned as abstractions, as numbers that we don’t fully comprehend. The work appears as an abstract cloud and as one gets closer, it reveals its composition of 330000 little soldiers stamped on the paper one by one, next to each other and over each other, as if in a common pit of our memory. The war doesn’t get more understandable nor each victims more accessible in this way, but perhaps the work encourages us to overcome the detachment from history onto which nationalism is built.

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  • The Beginning

    multiplu, 2017


    3D-printed replica of the bullets used at the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, marking also the beginning of the modern-type of war.


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  • How to Look at the Infinite

    multiple, 2016


    The work is based on the “expandable trench periscope” used by soldiers in WWI to look for the enemy without having their heads blown out and on Constantin Brancusi “Column of the Infinite”. One can use the work to look at trees, the sky, objects above you, giving one the possibility to look beyond one’s limited self.

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  • Another View

    The history we are being taught is mainly that of military battles, of strategies and treaties, drawing and redrawing the borders of the worlds in which we live. From maps to surveillance techniques, from heavy guns to sophisticated negotiations, wars are getting highly technological and spreading, haunting our everyday news and resurrecting fears that should have been long buried. Instead of developing grounds for peace, modernity bought catastrophy and destruction to levels never imagined.

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  • The First

    We are organizing our lives in environments and by social and technological habits which are possible only starting with a certain moment: that moment when something which didn’t exist was invented ...

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  • Tidal Wave

    Operation Tidal Wave was an air attack by bombers of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) based in Libya and Southern Italy on nine oil refineries around Ploiești, Romania on 1 August 1943, during World War II...

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  • If the House of People Didn't Exist

    In 2004, the artist Cezar Lăzărescu made a work in which he digitally erased the House of the People from a photograph, symbolically solving the dilemma of those years, if the building was better to be demolished. Whenever there is big fog, the House vanishes from view, so one could think Cezar Lăzărescu’s work became reality.

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  • City sculptures

    I photograph objects in the city which used to be functional and are now obsolete, just relics of other times, layers reminding us that the city changes much slower than technologies, like a person with old habits which are surviving beyond their functionality.

    At the same time, these objects appear as autonomous sculptures, using elements in the city as their plinths or gallery floors.

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  • Surveilled too late

    I spent three months in Berlin, wandering around the city and discovering abandoned bicycles with missing (stolen) parts. I could see them as part of a common landscape that everyone ignores...

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  • Living in the west - Witness of changes

    After I finished the one-year-long project  “Living in the west” in my native town and i moved away, my mother started to tell me what changes appeared, what was interesting to record. So I decided to give her a photo camera and I asked her to take every day a few pictures from her balcony, to catch how the area is transforming...

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  • Living in the West - The Neighbours

    After an absence of 6 years from my native town, I started to realise how much my neighbourhood has changed.

    I transformed my balcony in an observation point. I film my neighbours from the block of flats in front of my own because they are occupying a large part of my horizon.

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  • Outside view

    I made a video walking around the House of People in Bucharest. It took me almost 1 hour to finish my tour. A part of it I couldn’t film because of the guards, who didn’t let me...                            zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz( TO PAGE )

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